Hi and welcome on my blog.

The name’s Eric Cestari and I am thirty-something.

I usually go by the cstar (or c* where possible) handle.

Eric Cestari, with head roughly shaved, looking half mysterious, half amused.

What’s this blog about ?

It’s mainly geeky and technical stuff about web and XMPP development.

My favorite programming languages are erlang and ruby, though I am somewhat fluent in Java and PHP.

I usually work on the excellent XMPP server ejabberd, and recently most of my posts have evolved around it and the XMPP standard.

HTTP also never stops amazing me, as I always discover new things.

Cloud services also interests me a lot, so expect a few posts on Amazon Web Services.

Also I tend to be that Apple fanboy since 1984 and my parents’ Apple //c.

I see posts in French !

Yes, that’s because I am Français. I started blogging in French – until I decided to fully immerse myself and this blog in the global village (thus using English).

Still once in a while, I’ll post in French – if you don’t speak the language, just skip it. The next one will be in English.

During the day

I work for Ohm Force, the company I cofounded with friends a while back in 2000. We do the best audio plugins. (that’s what our clients say)

But don’t be mistaken, I am no musician, just the geek-in-charge over there. I do sysadmin stuff, back-end code for the website and the occasional support.

Projects I maintain or participate in

OpenSource software helps me everyday running the business, so I try to contribute. I don’t care too much about licensing, so it’ll usually BSD-style by default or GPL if necessary.

I wrote a few patches for ejabberd.

The opensource projects I work on are hosted on github.

The important part

I have two sons, Martin and Sacha, a cat, Boulette and live in Montreuil, FR with my Very Significant Other, Hélène.

Getting in touch

twitter is good

I have a profile on linkedin and on viadeo (fr).